Choosing Realtor Ottawa

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Choosing Realtor Ottawa

Choosing a Realtor in Ottawa – What You Need To Know

Life in your Ottawa area home can be charmed and relaxed, but there will come a time when you want to sell your home. Perhaps you want to upgrade or downsize, or you may have plans to move to another city to take advantage of a job opportunity. Selling your home can seem intimidating, but it is necessary for achieving the goals you have.

A Realtor may be one of your best resources when you are trying to buy or sell a home, and selecting a real estate agent is the first step to selling a home. However, choosing a Realtor in Ottawa is often a confusing and difficult task. After all, there are many seemingly qualified professionals to choose from.

The right real estate agent has more than just access to the MLS in Ottawa and will do more than just list the home in the MLS. He also strives to provide superior customer service and is attentive to your needs throughout the entire sales process. Jeraud is just one of many Realtors in the local area, but he is the real estate agent you want working for you. From his accountability and reliability to his strong devotion to keeping the lines of communication open throughout the process, he is the agent you want working for you. Jeraud will stand by your side throughout the transaction until after the closing date.

The Initial Meeting

When choosing a Realtor in Ottawa, you may interview several professionals before making a decision about who to work with. Through the interview process, you can learn about marketing efforts the agent may take to sell your home. You can also pay attention to to the friendliness and knowledge of the agent. By interviewing Jeraud, you will not that he has a strong desire to represent your real estate interests. The initial conversation with Jeraud includes him taking the time to assess your real estate plans, needs, and goals.

He wants to help you meet your goals and objectives. He will walk through your home to review features, layout, and other factors. This will help him to develop a competitive market analysis for the property. Because Jeraud is focused on helping you sell your home for top dollar, he will also make recommendations for affordable improvements that could dramatically improve the value of the home. These improvements could also attract more buyers to your door so that you sell your home quickly.

The Market Analysis

Before your property can be loaded into the MLS in Ottawa, a firm listing price will be decided. The market analysis includes a comparison of recent sales in the community. It also is used to compare property condition, features and even lot size between the properties. In addition to comparing recent sales, actively listed properties may also be reviewed so that you can learn more about the competition you face.

Through his analysis, he will guide you into deciding on a fair price that is competitive for the property This is one of the many factors when trying to sell your home in the fastest way possible. A market analysis is used by homeowners to determine if they want to move forward with selling their home. After all, the listing price is a major factor in your decision to list the home or to stay. The market analysis is typically provided to sellers in Ottawa free of charge. Humphreysrealestate is ready to meet with you to provide you with a market analysis on your home.

Preparing to List Your Home

When choosing a Realtor in Ottawa, review the value your real estate agent will add to the transaction. After you have decided to work with Jeraud, the real work to sell your home begins. As you prepare to list your home, Jeraud will actively work with your staging consultant. He and the staging consultant will assist you in preparing your home so that it is presented to buyers in the best light. Through staging, your rooms’ purposes will be defined.

The home may appear to be larger and less cramped by removing clutter. Personal items will be removed from the visibility so that potential buyers can envision themselves living in the space. After your home is staged, Jeraud will also contract with a professional photographer. The photographer will capture images and video of the property for the online listing and virtual tour. Finally, Jeraud will prepare you for home tours and open houses by discussing appointment times and availability with you. You will be completely ready for the sales process by the time your home is actively listed in the MLS.

Marketing Your Home

There is more involved in actively selling a home than simply listing it in the MLS in Ottawa. He may use multiple resources to market the property online. Plus, he will use his professional connections in the real estate industry to network and communicate with other agents about your property. This includes discussing the property with other real estate agents who actively sell homes in your neighborhood. The purpose of actively marketing your home is to attract a qualified buyer to make an offer on your home. As showings occur, he keeps you updated on the status of the process and provides you with feedback from those who tour the home.

Receiving an Offer

With Jeraud actively working to sell your home, you may receive an offer from a qualified buyer within a short period of time in many cases. Jeraud’s work does not stop when an offer comes in. Instead, he actively represents your interests in negotiations with the buyer’s agent. The lines of communication remain open throughout this process so that you and the buyer can reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

At times, sellers may not be certain what the best course of action is. If this is the case, Jeraud will actively assist you in reviewing your options and discussing the pros and cons of each option. While he fights for your rights in negotiations, he also is a strong resource that you can rely on for information and feedback when selling your house. Throughout the process, Jeraud works to ensure that all deadlines outlined in the contract are met. You will never feel out of touch with your real estate agent or confused about the sales process when Jeraud is working for you.

At the Closing

Jeraud wants to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the process and wants to eliminate confusion about the process. Because of this, he continues to represent your interests at the closing table. In most cases, he will attend the closing with you. At the closing, he will continue to answer questions about closing documents, your options and more so that you are an educated buyer. After the closing, he will deliver an executed copy of the contract and other related documents to you.

If you are preparing to list your home for sale in Ottawa or if you are on the fence about how to proceed, a real estate agent like Jeraud can help. Selling your home is a critical first step to take to achieve specific real estate goals. The first step to take when selling a home is to select a real estate agent to assist you.

Choosing a Realtor needs research, it is one of the most important initial steps to take when selling a home. Humphreysrealestate will list your home for sale in the MLS in Ottawa; his services extend far beyond this. If you want an agent, who will stand by your side throughout the process? You want Jeraud on your side. You can reach out to him today to set up an appointment and learn more about the services he provides. Learn more about the difference Buyers Agent and Sellers Agent in Ottawa.