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electrical repairs never diy project

Homeowners Tips: Electrical Repairs Never DIE Project

Electrical work in your home is something you should not leave to chance. Electricity plays a major role in our homes and is responsible for powering over 90% of appliances and it is an essential part of our homes operation.

You should not attempt large electrical work because it’s a job for a licensed professional. Electrical mishaps are common and if you’re not skilled in handling electricity you can expose yourself and your entire family to unnecessary risks.
If you are not an electrical technician, let a professional do it on your behalf. Electricians require extensive training and continuing education to keep up with constantly changing technology.

An unlicensed electrical contractor can be fined anywhere from six to ten thousand dollars if convicted. Sure you can do little things such as switch and bulb replacements but if it is a complicated problem, leave it to the experts. It is the best way to ensure renovations on your home are completed safely, legally, and meet the standards and code specifications of your province.

The lack of proper documentation for electrical modifications and the discovery of dangers or shoddy electrical work will lead to more scrutiny. In some cases, a home inspector may recommend that the homeowner provide an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) certificate of approval. Explaining to you what happens next is beyond the scope of this document, but I will tell you that the home owner is responsible, and the situation will get worse before it gets better.

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is an administrative authority mandated by the Government of Ontario to enhance public electrical safety in the province. They are both a safety regulator and advocate.

You can find a licensed contractor using Electrical Safety Authority’s database.

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