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About Britannia Ottawa homes for sale Ottawa K1L

Britannia is an adorable neighborhood in Ottawa, which sits on the Ottawa River. There are several key facts you need to know about homes available for sale in Britannia, Ottawa.

Britannia homes for sale are a wide range of homes with lots of character and variety. This area includes a mix of low- and high-income homes.

Only a dozen streets are present in the heart of Britannia, which mainly consists of single-family homes. There are also apartments present north of the location with both high and low-income housing available.

The beautiful architecture of many of the historic buildings is what makes Britannia unique and is why it continues to attract people from around the world. Some of the top heritage buildings include the William Murphy House, Arbour House, Old St. Stephen’s Church, and the Rowatt House.

Britannia Ottawa homes for sale Clubs and Organizations

Many residents in Britannia Village are members of the Britannia Yacht Club, which includes a tennis club and yacht club, which are both located on the Ottawa River close to the Deschenes Rapids.

Britannia Ottawa homes for sale Recreational Activities

span style=”color”: rgb(88 );”> While most Britannia residents are located near the Ottawa River you can also enjoy outdoor activities like biking and walking. Many trails lead to local parks, and are often located near the homes for sale. Britannia Park is a nearby park that hosts the annual Jazz Festival. You can also take in the beauty of the water at the many beaches and parks around the area.

Local residents can enjoy water sports throughout the year thanks to their easy access to the Ottawa River. View a list of Britannia beach Ottawa homes for sale

Brittania Beach is one of the main highlights of the park and is where many people come to sunbathe and take a dip in the water when the temperatures rise. This is also a great place to see different boats pass. The beach is known for having a variety of shaded and grassy areas where you can lounge and enjoy privacy.

During the summer season, it’s also when The Ottawa Folk Festival is hosted. You can listen to live music for four days and shop at many local vendors.

The Ottawa River Parkway is another popular spot to visit, especially with kids. This is a great place to hike, bike, and go horseback riding in a beautiful location that is lush and has wildlife present.

The Britannia Mine Museum is a great educational experience for children. It offers insight into the history and development of mining in the area.

Britannia Ottawa homes for sale The History of Britannia

Britannia Village Ottawa houses are also a good investment.

Capt. Capt. The community grew after he built a grist mill, house, and saw mill. The first subdivision was built in the 1970s. This location was a hot spot during the warmer months when many people came to visit their summer cottages until World War II. Many veterans spent time here after looking for housing.

Britannia Ottawa homes for sale Ottawa K1L Restaurant and Eateries

There’s no shortage of restaurants or eateries that are present in this neighborhood. If you want to spend time mingling with the locals at a bar, you can visit Milestones for a large selection of beverages. Little India Cafe offers authentic Indian cuisine as well as a buffet. For handcrafted plates, you can stop by Biagio’s Italian Cuisine.


Fortunately, it’s easy to get around Britannia while exploring the neighborhood. The downtown area is easy to access by car and only takes 20 minutes to travel to most of the time. Ottawa International Airport (YOW) is also in a prime location and takes 25 minutes to travel to from most areas in the neighborhood. If you travel by bus, the travel time is approximately 55 minutes. There are a few main bus routes that service this area each day.

Many establishments are also easy to access by foot, making it easy to walk to work or a local eatery.


Some of the schools serving Britannia include Woodroffe High School, Woodroffe Avenue Public School, Joan Of Arc Academy, D. Roy Kennedy Public School, and St Martin’s Nursery School.