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December 16, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Real Estate Agent in Ottawa

Jeraud Humphreys Real Estate Agent in Ottawa

As a real estate agent in Ottawa, Jeraud Humphreys understands the importance of effective communication and building strong, trusting relationships. He recognizes that your real estate investment could be one of the largest investment of one’s life.

He feels it is paramount to understand his client’s real estate needs and to provide them with information, so each client can make an informed decision.

In recognition of the importance of his role, Buyers and Sellers get his undivided attention and loyalty.

Jeraud’s extroverted personality permits him to communicate with ease.

His approachable attitude and “Glass Half Full” outlook on life & real estate allows him to identify with everyone around.

He enjoys meeting people and working through the long and sometimes complicated process of buying or selling real estate.

He makes the process easier and less stressful for all his clients, from the first time homebuyer to the more seasoned real estate investor.

Real Estate has always been his passion, and he brings his skills from a varied background to help others meet their real estate goals. With an extensive background in business and customer service, attention to detail has become Jeraud’s top priority. Meeting the expectations of clients takes hard work, organization, and dedication; in real estate, these principles are non-negotiable.

A Personal Story

Before he became a REALTOR, he remembers his frustration when assisting his grandparents to sell their home. He felt like the agent was not “working for them.” It was like pulling teeth to get the agent to do an open house.

Now that he is a REALTOR, he prides himself on listening to his client’s needs and making myself available.

As an Ottawa Ontario Real Estate professional, Jeraud epitomizes the best in customer service. He returns calls promptly and keeps you informed along the way so that you have the best experience possible. He is an excellent listener, and he will translate your needs into your perfect property. Learn more about the difference Buyers Agent and Sellers Agent in Ottawa.

Ready to buy or sell a property in the Ottawa area, or have related question? Call Jeraud. (613) 989 – 9033.