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As a real estate broker in Ottawa allow me to share some of my experiences with you why roofing repairs should never be a DIY project. Most of the time this job is done in the scorching heat. The roofing shingles weigh hundreds of pounds, and getting them home onto the roof is an enormous task. Plus removing the old shingles is a pain staking job as well. This type of DIY job will come back and bite you in the ass when it comes time to sell your home. Most prospective buyers today are savvy and, will want proof that the job was done by a Profesional.
As a home owner, you should stay away from this job. I recommend that you hire a professional company that has workplace insurance or an Ontario safety certification, and is willing to guarantee the work in writing.
A written guarantee is a document you can provide to the inspector WHEN he asks the question. ”How old is the roof and do you have a guarantee in writing?” The red flag goes up immediately if you can’t answer these questions satisfactorily and the buyer could ask for a comprehensive evaluation from a roofing expert.

About Home Inspectors

Home inspectors are jack of all trades but they don’t master in anything. If they see something that needs further evaluation they often recommend that you call in a true expert in that field.
There is nothing worse than to have your work rejected by a home inspector while in the process of meeting the requirements of a home inspection. Also do not overlook the importance of getting a pre-purchase home inspection.

Deal with an Expert


Before you sign a contract with a roofing contractor, make sure to see a copy of their current

– Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) certification
– workplace insurance. Insurance should include liability coverage

Also, make sure your written contract has details about the contractor’s safety precautions and insurance
Respectable roofing companies assemble teams of experienced workers to remove the old shingles and install the new, lessening the chance that water will get into your home while it is uncovered
In Ontario, if the company has five or more workers are legally required to have a written health and safety policy. In addition, they are required to have a competent on-site supervisor, who is responsible for ensuring safety practices that protect workers from fall hazards.
Learn more about the difference Buyers Agent and Sellers Agent in Ottawa.

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